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This blog is currently being used to announce schedule changes, new things going on,  and post interesting articles. The articles posted do not necessarily reflect the views of our office.

By Dr. Wayne Chen, Jul 13 2016 12:24AM

Our phones have down for hours due to a Comcast phone outage for small businesses :(. They tell us they have no clue when the phones will be back up and refuses to let us to talk to a human. I hate Comcast.

By Dr. Wayne Chen, May 2 2016 02:09AM

Wow I am terrible Blogger. 1 year since my last one. Anyways Kennedy office will likely open really soon. Having some problems with the phones. Once that is resolved, we should be good to go. I need update the website a little too. ugh.

By Dr. Wayne Chen, Dec 4 2014 06:18PM

wow its been awhile since I made any changes to our site. Well put few more links to forms in our form section.

I love hearing news from Anne Chen Pediatrics! DON'T DO THIS AT HOME!! AHHH!!